Virtual Private Pipelines

A Docker native, single tenant and fully managed CI/CD platform that is optimised for Kubernetes and working with microservices

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 Virtual Private Pipelines offers network isolation and flexible concurrency, allowing your team to achieve a fine grained CI/CD workflow and a deeper integration with your tool stack 



 Complex workflows

Virtual Private Pipelines supports the creation of complex, container-centric workflows. You can create any type of pipeline and most importantly, chain them together to achieve your CI/CD goals. 

 Private queues

Virtual Private Pipelines comes with Network Isolation as standard.  Your pipelines will run on a dedicated queue for your organisation, and private nodes means no public queuing.



 Flexible concurrency

We understand that needs increase and decrease. If you have multiple projects or teams that use Wercker heavily, you can break your builds into parallel pipelines and run them concurrently.