Would you like to be part of our technical preview of Wercker Pipelines, Releases and Clusters?

We're working hard to get the fully loaded and connected Wercker Pipelines, Releases and Clusters into the hands of enterprise developers everywhere. 


We want to build things right and want your input before we finish, so functionality is limited. You're invited to test the platform.


Whats in the platform?



Pipelines enable full build, test and deployment pipelines to be executed, with Docker as a first-class citizen.



Releases is a private Docker-compatible registry that allows you to store and version your Docker container images on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for fast retrieval and deployment.



Clusters is a fully managed Kubernetes engine running on high-performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Clusters are tightly coupled to Wercker Releases and Pipelines and are dynamically scalable from one dashboard on the Wercker interface.

We’re still working on some parts of the platform so, for now, you'll need to bring your own tenancy.


We’re working hard to get everything ready for when we launch fully in the coming months.


To register your interest for the Wercker Pipelines, Releases and Clusters technical preview just fill out the form above and you'll receive an email from one of the team shortly detailing next steps.


Tenancy* In the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) context it refers to the availability and tracking of hardware resources within OCI that are used by users to create Wercker clusters. To gain access to the tech preview users will need to sign up to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, but we'll send you details about that if selected.