Achieve continuous integration and delivery

 Automate your deployment with Wercker

Wercker CI/CD custom pipelines

Create custom CI/CD pipelines to suit your needs

Wercker workflows

Chain & trigger pipelines to create complex workflows

Run parallel CI/CD pipelines with Wercker

Speed up your tests by running them in parallel 

Wercker is customisable and extensible

Deploy your code anywhere using our third party integrations or create your own




Our SaaS solution puts your builds, tests and deploys in one place.

The web interface allows you to set environment variables per pipeline, application or organisation, enabling fine-grained control over your secrets. 



Our CLI enables developers to rapidly iterate a build/test/deploy model without leaving their local development environment and terminal.

The Wercker CLI is Open Source and allows you to execute automation pipelines locally, helping you move towards dev/prod parity.


Integrations & Marketplace

Our Steps marketplace contains hundreds of community submitted integrations such as Slack notifications, dependency installers and deploy steps for platforms such as Kubernetes, AWS, GCP and Azure. 



Customise Wercker to suit your needs with our API. For example, trigger builds and deploys and fetch build status information.