Our Features

Build faster and release often with Wercker's streamlined continuous integration platform for developing, building and delivering your applications

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Collaborative Automation

Utilise Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment


Cloud Platforms

Natively integrate with Kubernetes in the cloud 



Work with complex microservice architectures



Wercker is a Docker native platform 

Features and capabilities

Git Integration

  • Fully integrated with Github & Bitbucket

  • Supports Pull Requests & Build Status

Pipelines & workflows 

  • Fully automate build, tests and deployments

  • Custom pipelines triggered by Git or other pipelines

Local Development

  • Use Wercker CLI for faster local iterations

  • Spin up local topology, achieve Dev-Prod parity

  • Open-Source

Concurrent Pipelines

  • Execute builds concurrently to keep your team moving quickly

  • Execute parallel tests to reduce your team wait time

Steps & Integrations

  • Access 500+ automation steps

  • Create custom steps for your team

  • Integrate with 100s of external tools


  • Build Minimal Containers
  • Work with Private Containers & Container Registries
  • Push Containers & Deploy to Schedulers
  • Use Multiple Tags

Notifications & Slack

  • Receive system notification in product and by email

  • Create custom notifications in tools like #Slack to keep your team informed

Environment Variables

  • Optionally Encrypted

  • SSH Key Management

  • Organisation Wide Access


  • Source Code Protected

  • Protected Environment Variables

  • User & Project Permissions

  • Upgrade to VPP for Isolated Workloads