Install the Wercker CLI for Linux

Using OSX? 


Step 1

Get the requirements

To use all of the features within the Wercker CLI you will need a working Docker environment. You can install Docker and Docker-Machine using Docker Toolbox.

 Wercker with docker

Step 2 

Download and install the Wercker CLI

You will need to download the Wercker CLI and then move it into your $PATH. Afterwards, you'll need to set the correct permissions.

curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/wercker

chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/wercker

Step 3 

Test if everything is working

Run the version command to verify Wercker was installed correctly. You can optionally add the beta flag if you want access to the newest features.


 wercker version 
 wercker version --beta 



Nicely done, you're ready to start building locally

Learn more in docs