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On 18 May 2017, Oracle completed the acquisition of Wercker.
So what are you waiting for? Be our next great hire.
Wercker is creating the next-gen platform and toolchain. Be part of it!

Current open positions

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Work in San Francisco, London or Amsterdam

Wercker careers and location

What to expect

The Wercker team is geographically distributed and has different backgrounds. We’re an agile team and we move fast.

Everyone has their preferred way of working, so naturally you get a budget to setup your own personal workspace and hardware when you join.

Even though we're distributed, we make sure to physically meet in person regularly.


At Wercker we expect you to be able to take ownership without anyone asking. The space we’re in is evolving rapidly and to keep up, we need to be constantly innovating. That means we welcome input from all team members on how we can continue improving the product.

If you want to make a meaningful impact on developer's lives and change the way we develop software, this is your chance.

We currently have open positions

 San Francisco Office

Infrastructure Engineer

golang, infra, platform, CLI's

Join our team as an Infrastructure Engineer in San Francisco and dive into the nitty-gritty details of our backend.

 Amsterdam Office

Frontend Developer

react, javascript, css, html

Join our team as a Frontend Developer Engineer in Amsterdam and work on the Wercker stack and frontend

Golang Engineer

golang, API's

Join our team as a Golang Developer in Amsterdam and work on the Wercker stack and command line interface. 

UNITED-1.jpg London Office

Developer Evangelist

demos, support, talks

Join our team as a Developer Evangelist in London and help grow the Wercker community 


Approaching the end of your studies and interested in cloud computing, containers, Docker, Golang, automation and distributed systems?

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If you're a Wercker fan and would like to get involved in our advocate program, contribute guest posts and share tutorials, we can support with swag and a beer budget, get in touch.

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If you don't see the kind of opportunity you're looking for, you can always email to tell us more.