Oracle buys Wercker

Deploy Faster to Kubernetes with Wercker

Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

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Oracle buys Wercker
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These teams deploy with confidence

 "Wercker's Docker stack helps us move faster. Builds are more consistent on Docker, and Wercker allows us greater visibility into the deployment. Running upgrades has never been this easy."

- Alex Farrill, CTO Open Listings

"Wercker helps us automate our build and deployment process, avoiding frustration and errors. It's also the best looking system of its kind." 

- Koen Bok, Maker of Framer

"I want everyone, my teammates and our clients included, to be as productive as they can be. A full automation toolchain like Wercker plays a key role in realising that goal." 

-John Calabrese, Advisory Solutions Architect Pivotal

 "The Wercker community really shines, giving us the confidence and flexibility to think less about integration and more about our products." 

- Andrew Barba, Lead Eng Tablelist

Teams that use Wercker also work with




Work with complex microservice architectures


Collaborative Automation

Utilise Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 


Cloud Platforms

Natively integrate with Kubernetes in the cloud 



Wercker is a Docker native platform

Automate your development

Wercker's streamlined continuous integration platform fast forwards your development

  • Steps

    A Step is self-contained bash script or compiled binary for accomplishing specific automation tasks.

    For example, a pip install, kubectl or a Docker push. 

    Because steps are small isolated actions they are portable, repeatable and reusable. They can be created from scratch or consumed from our open steps marketplace.

  • Pipelines

    Pipelines are a series of steps that are triggered on a git push or the completion of another pipeline.

    For example, a pipeline can be a build, push to a registry or a deploy. 

    The combination of multiple pipelines results in a Workflow.

  • Workflows

    Workflows are a set of chained and branched pipelines that allow you to form multi-stage, multi-branch complex CI/CD flows that take your project from code to production. 

    A workflow could be your end-to-end build and testing flow that deploys your application to multiple environments.

  • Containers

    All Wercker pipelines execute inside a Docker container and every build artifact can be a Docker container.

    Wercker pipelines enable you to spin up multiple containers alongside each other at the same time which is ideal for building and testing microservices in parallel.

  • Registries

    With Wercker you can push your images to any container registry public or private such as Docker Hub, Quay, Amazon EC2 container registry and Google container registry using steps.

    Wercker also enables you to easily version container artefacts for easy debugging.

  • Schedulers

    After pushing your Docker images to any public or private registry, you're ready to deploy to any cloud provider.

    Wercker natively supports common schedulers such as Kubernetes, Google Container Engine, Marathon and EC2 Container Service.

Achieve your team's goals with microservices and Docker

Wercker automates deployment workflows so you can focus on building great applications


Build, test and deploy with Docker as a first class citizen.

Local CLI

Run CI/CD pipelines locally to speed up your development.



Integrate with our API to extend the platform to third party tools.


Write your own Steps or select from our community marketplace.